Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Popular Shoes For This Season!

Hey you guys! Now that I've got the blog up and running I most likely will only be posting around once or twice a week. Just like most everybody else, I'm always busy with school. Also, from now on I am going to try harder to bring you the best quality posts, with lots of details and I will be spending more time on my individual posts rather than posting all the time. Quality over quantity, right? Now back to the topic...

Shoes, shoes, shoes! A girl can never have too many shoes in her closet! I've been spotting some very cute shoes this fall that! So many different styles to express yourself in any way you want. Whenever I'm walking around and I catch another one of those adorable pairs of booties or spot another one of those vintage oxfords I just get so jealous! "I want a pair!" I think. So I've gathered a bunch of different types of shoes and found where you can buy them! Get ready for an adorable shoe overload of all kinds of popular shoes this fall!

 Wedge booties are super popular this fall. Everybody needs a pair of booties, so why not try them in this style? Black is a trending color right now, but you can also try them in tan, brown, and grey. These booties I found on, check them out for all your fashion needs. They have everything at amazing prices, and the best part is if you end up not liking the product or it doesn't fit you can always send it back! These are from Call It Spring at $60.00 and they come in Women's sizes from 6 - 10 . Find them HERE .

For my second trending shoe type I bring to you oxfords! Super vintage style, and can be worn with any outfit! If you want to go all out with the vintage theme try wearing a peter pan collared shirt or dress. These are also from Zappos because I just love their site so much. I loved these shoes because I thought the touch of detail really worked with this and they are super cute. Another idea to style these is to replace the laces with a ribbon of your choice, or just white. Oxfords come in so many other styles and colors so its always fun to see what's out there. These shoes are only 47.99! Get the HERE.
A funky new twist to your regular day sneakers. Try these sneakers with wedges and cute colors! They have them in blue and black. The black even has sequins on the raised design of the shoe. I think they are super fun shoes to add a pop to your outfit! If you can't see, on the front they are laced up to the top with a velcro strap in the middle. They come in sizes 6 - 10 on
Get them HERE.

 Last but not least are the metallic and glossy toe caps for pumps and flats! Try adding a little pizzaz to your normal pumps or boring flats and buy some with glossy or metallic toe caps! If you love punk style shoes, try some with an added detail of stufs on the toe cap! So funky fresh! I found these on TopShop. They have all sorts of new trendy clothes at good prices. These are $60.00 and come in women's sizes
5.5 - 10.5. Fid them HERE.

Here are some additional ideas for each type

That's all for now, stay fabulous!
- Makena

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