Saturday, December 8, 2012

Trend Alert: Red Jeans

"It's the most wonderful time of the year"... Who's ready for the holidays? Who's ready to look stylish for the holidays? Me! Heres a cute trend for this winter : red jeans! They give off an adorable holiday/winter vibe. Try burgundy, maroon, oxblood, bright red or any other hue this season. I have a pair myself in a darker maroon color that I got from tilly's. It's really fun to get creative with outfits. Most often I've seen that people like wearing either black or white tops with them, which I do agree looks nice. One tip : don't go with a green or red top. Red would just be too overwhelming and green is a bit too tacky with Christmas right around the corner. If you go with a nuetral top color then why not spice it up with a cute scarf? Try a scarf with hints of your pant color or other "jewel tones". If you wear a beige top try a white, black or brown scarf! Or match a top with a black blazer. OR if you like the nautical look wear a cute blue thin striped top. Really there's infinite options. Heres some different ideas to try with your jeans.

I think this is a super cute way to wear red jeans. This is my favorite way to wear them. A more casual look definantley, great for school. Just wear the jeans with a red top and a black blazer/jacket. You could wear it with your favorite band T and a black leather jacket too. And of course match it with some cute black booties. You can also try a black jacket with a black top or a white blazer and a white top. Or try some gold accessories!
White, black, grey, browns, blue striped... Those are the most popular colors for tops to match with red jeans! But of course you can also get creative and try other colors. That's all for now! Stay fabulous!
- Makena

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