Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Outfit Of The Day and Other Things

Hey guys! So I finally got around to oragnizing an outfit that is worthy of OOTD for FabMag. And I put my new camera to some use and took some pics of it! (With the help of Isabella of course). I wore a creamish white dress that I found in my wonderful mommy's closet along with this super adorable and comfy red infinity scarf also creds to my mom. And then cause I'm a sucker for layers I wore a grey cardigan over the dress and some black tights(from f21 because they rock) and my new keds. I love love love my keds. I got them a few weeks ago and they are sneakers so they go with literally anything. They also came with those purple reddish ribbons for the laces and I think it's really a perfect touch of sweetness and color to an outfit. I can't really say where to get the dress or scarf, but you can probably get a similair gray cardigan at any store like Target or such. The keds you can get online and as I said before the tights are from forever21. Heres some pics of the outfit, I'll also be posting them to instagram later.

The scarf is actually almost an ombre pattern because it had a red stripe on the edge with a big pink stripe in the center that sort of fades into this pretty deep purplish color. You can see the texture of the dress how it is kind of light and has wooden beads.
And here are my new shoes! The purple/pink ribbon laces match my scarf really well actually which is kind of cute. And the grey part of the shoes have this soft fabric texture that is interesting.
In other news! I (Makena) opened up an etsy shop called HelloBauble. You can find it at . I'm currently selling rings, bobby pins, bracelets, and magnets all made with VINTAGE buttons! I'm gonna be super jealous of whoever buys the black ring up in my shop because I love it. It says "Tresse de Paris" on the front.
The bracelets I'm making are just buttons in the center with hemp cord knots going around it. They're adjustable too to fit a few sizes. You can check out my shop for more info on them and the other items. Heres one of the sets of bracelets.

That's all for now! Hope you enjoyed the long post. I'm also getting a "how to distress old jeans" post ready for you guys that will be up soon, so look out for that!

Stay Fabulous,
- Makena

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